Brush Soap LOOFAH

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the brush soaps is probably: “I got my brush soap but it doesn’t have a loofah in the back. However it has some woody looking textured material. Isn’t there supposed to be a Loofah?”.  Well, that fibrous material is the natural loofah that I have chosen to be embedded in the soaps while they are still in liquid state. As the soap cools and solidify, the loofah tends to sink a little. But don’t fret, after a few uses, the loofah will surface and expand a little (sometimes, a lot). This expansion is probably what most of you see in various Youtube videos posted by vloggers, as most film with the soap already used.

For visual explanation, I have taken the liberty of taking pictures to show the stages of the loofah after the soap had been used. I hope this explains and clear this FAQ.



Loofahs are pressed, dried, and cut uniformly into round disks. These are then embedded into the soaps while the soap mixture is still in liquid state. As the Soap cools and hardens, the loofah can have the tendency to sink a little.


This is what the loofah looks like after the soap cools, hardens. This is what it generally looks like when it gets shipped out to customers.


After a few uses, you will notice that the loofah will start to surface further and expand a little. The picture shows soap after about 6 uses, washing 14 brushes each session.


After a few more uses, the loofah expands further. Some expands a lot like this one in the picture.

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Have a great Brush Washing Day!


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